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Clube Brasil is an electronic search system that identifies the best companies that work within the foreign trade segment according to the needs of Import / Export Companies in the country. Over 90 Logistic Suppliers are associated and connected to Brazilian ports and airports, making it possible to work with all locations on the Planet, offering tailor made security solutions in the areas of international freight, customs, storage/distribution, international insurance and domestic on land transport.

The associated Logistic Suppliers are distributed as Freight Forwarders / NVOCCs, Customs Dispatch, Tradings, General Storage, Customs Warehouses (EADI’s), Port Operators, On Land Transporters and Insurance Companies.

The criteria taken into consideration for the associated companies being presented to importers / exporters follow 3 fundamental principles, identified in the following order:
? Final competitive price,
? Transit – time
? Competence throughout procedures
Regarding the latter, some variables, such as; ISO 9000 Quality Certification, and the network of worldwide agents and representatives, are taken into consideration.

The process to its extent does not surpass 72 hours, therefore offering Brazilian companies the utmost performance, lowering final costs and adding to quality in terms of participation within the international market.

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