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In Brazil, free competitiveness is a constant principle of the Federal Constitution, as well as one of the fundaments of the economic order.
Therefore, Brazilian society has chosen free competitiveness as the principle in which all companies that operate on national territory are subordinated to.
We are constantly working to develop our system to be able to offer even better services.

The Company Ethics Code is an instrument of the realization of the principles, vision and mission of the company. It serves to guide its collaborators’ actions and demonstrate the company’s social posture confronting different public facets in which it interacts with. It is of utmost importance that its content be reflected upon as per the attitude of those in which it is directed to and that it find support among the high management of the company, whereas the last hired employee has the responsibility to live by it.
Purpose: To present relative data regarding suppliers’ relationship: selection and quotation routines, suppliers’ unique cases, quotation dismissal cases, previous disqualification cases, conflicts which arose and manner in which handled.
Elaborate list of all ethical communications received, discriminating the issues dealt with, as well as auditing cases. Demonstrate statistics per area and relationship group of the company.
Elaborate report of complete review, pointing out the positive aspects noted, as well as the need for change, development, training and measures to be taken.
Ethical duties regarding competition as follows:
- Fight for the principle of free competitiveness to be practiced as exposed
- Abstain from interfering with the practical realization of the principle
- Abstain from doing anything that may be considered non-competitive.
- Abstain from any practice abusing of economic power. (A company may be found abusing of economic power when using capital force to, ensure any means different form free competitiveness, ensure acquisition of its products or services or to dominate the market.

As a final practice of this fundament, it is necessary to revise the final report and decide which of the recommended measures should be adopted, establishing other measures should it be the case.

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