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International Freight

Description: It will be possible to identify the cargo agent most capable of handling the international transport of your cargo, in the modalities of air, shipping and on land, in any transporting location on the Planet.

Identification of the Logistic Suppliers according to origin and destination.

a) Throughout this phase, the Brazilian importer / exporter should click on the import or export button.
b) Choose one of the transport modalities and click on one of the icons: air / shipping / on land.
c) Identify where the merchandise will be leaving from on the map (origin)
d) Identify where the merchandise will be going to on the map (destination)
e) Fill out the form (6 questions)

Clube Brasil’s Analysis of the information generated by the electronic search system.

Clube Brasil sends a tailor made international freight commercial proposal to the importer / exporter in 48 hs. and in 72 hs. for cases in which a pick-up is needed.

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